Philosophy of Link building

When you become a link builder, you are developing a partnership with the Internet in general. You will need to follow the rules of the Internet, and you will need to respect other people on the Internet even as you advertise to them. If you do this and take your time in making sure that everyone around you is comfortable with your actions, then you will be much more welcome as an SEO marketing guru. Indeed, those who tend to climb high in this industry do so by respecting the rights and privileges of those around them. After all, there are many critics of some techniques that are widely used in SEO marketing. Some believe that those who call themselves link builders are just spamming sites with unnecessary data. As to that accusation, think about how the Internet works. Are link builders really just glorified spammers?

Justifications for Link Building

There is unlimited space on the Internet. The individual person should not be worried that space on the Internet is running out, particularly not if this is not something that any one person can fix. Even if link builders stop with their marketing activities, there will be others who open up unnecessary sites that do not contribute to a good Internet experience. As a link builder, then, you can try to contribute good experiences to the Internet. You can help others by typing out articles that are both captivating and informative, without necessarily being repetitive. While your articles will help the search engines index the site that you are backlinking, helping it climb in search engine rankings, you can also be a great source of information. You can spin the same article in many ways and post these articles in different places, but this isn’t necessarily spam if it just means that more people will get to see the information. In addition, you add something to every article that you spin. You can play with the grammar and the wording, but you can also play with the content. You can say something in a more nuanced way, or decide to take out and put in paragraphs that will contribute to understanding.


As a link builder, you can still be a good Internet citizen. Also, if you learn to write better blogs, you will get more publicity for it. Your articles will help your business find success, as people see that you are indeed an expert on the product and the industry that you are working with. You can indicate that you can provide competent customer service before you even start selling your product, as your articles will assist anyone who reads them regularly. Captivate your audience with your new skills as a link builder.

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